My Natural Beauty Routine & Why I Made the Switch


My friend and I attended a clean beauty panel hosted by Credo–a natural beauty retailer–and it honestly changed the way I buy skincare and makeup forever.

As a society, we have done such a great job becoming more conscious of the foods we put into our bodies–paying attention to ingredients, labels, and certifications–but we are still seriously lacking in the way we think take that consciousness to everything else–especially the things we apply directly onto our bodies. 

After the clean beauty panel, I dove deep into "Think Dirty"– a mobile app that rates beauty and skin care products on how "clean" or "dirty" they are on a scale from 0 to 10, 10 being the dirtiest. I feverishly typed in everything I owned from makeup, to shampoo, to toothpaste, and I was shocked with a lot of the results. Trusted brands bought and sold in Sephora, drugstores, and other major department stores showed results of talc, gross chemicals, and artificial fragrances–all things I never thought were in these products because they came from such regarded, popular, and sometimes expensive brands.

I knew that I needed to make a change as soon as possible, and thus began my dive into the world of natural beauty. I found that the positive results shown almost immediately.

My Products:

  • Oil Cleanser/Make-up Remover Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil – One Love Organics
    • As someone who is normally prone to breakouts, I thought the last thing I would ever need was an oil cleanser. And anyway–how does oil cleanse? Well, this one made me a believer. I use it as the first step of my facial cleansing routine at night. It's really great in removing makeup without stripping your skin.
  • Facial Cleanser | Pure Start – Goldfaden M.D.
    • I tested a lot of facial cleansers and this one wound up being the winner. It's a great multi cleanser and does a stellar job of removing any access makeup and build up. I use this at night, and in the morning if I take a workout class before work.
  • Toners | Citrus & Citrine, Bohemian Ruby – Leahlani 
    • I'm a little obsessive and bought both of these toners, but in my opinion, anything from Leahlani is worth it. The Bohemian Ruby toner smells amazing and is great for nurturing sensitive skin, while Citrus & Citrine revitalizes your complexion. I switch it up and use either depending on my mood.
  • Facial Serum | Siren Serum – Leahlani
    • I may have bought this product for it's name but I stayed for the quality. This facial serum is honestly the most delicious smelling product I own. It has lots of vitamins and brightens your skin. And the smell is divine!
  • Moisturizer | Skin Dew Coconut Cream – One Love Organics
    • I normally use this moisturizer if I wash my face in the morning or just need a little bit more hydration. A little goes along way, and it's not heavy or greasy whatsoever.
  • Charcoal Mask | Love + Charcoal – One Love Organics 
    • This mask is for when I need an intense reboot and will normally apply it as part of my Self-Care Sunday ritual. This will draw toxins and other bad things (maybe that pizza you drunkenly ate the night before) right out of your body. Just make sure to do a small patch test first, as charcoal masks and their active ingredients can leave your skin extremely red and flushed if they are left on too long!
  • Superfood Mask | Mermaid Mask – Leahlani
    • A complete opposite of the Love + Charcoal mask, this Mermaid mask can stay on as long as possible and feels extremely hydrating and smells incredible. It's perfect for any day of the week and I totally recommend following it up with Bohemian Ruby and Siren Serum–and then ask someone to smell your face :)

Tips For Success:

Migrating your entire beauty portfolio can feel daunting–but it doesn't have to be.

  • Take Inventory: Go through your existing beauty repertoire and find out what's clean and dirty. Products are dirty? Replace those quick. Products are in the middle? Prioritize after your more urgent items. Products are clean? Well done! Look at you!
  • Do Your Research: I think I went to Credo five times in one week while I was looking for new products and I am still always researching. Most stores are cool about making samples or already have them on hand. When investing in natural beauty, you need to know what products work best for your skin and for your price point. Do not be shy to ask for recommendations or samples until you get it right!
  • Stick to a Budget: Do not be like me and purchase everything in a short time. You will have a hefty credit card bill for the month and that is never recommended. A smart alternative would be to replace your products piece by piece as they run out. Also, be conscious of your budget and the brands that fit into it. You don't need to necessarily spend a lot of money to buy a good product–drugstore brands like Physicians Formula, Pacifica, Burts Bees, and Almay all have pretty great natural products for way less than stores like Credo or Blue Mercury.
  • Have Fun: Setting aside time for self-care every week gives your skin the TLC it needs–and you deserve it! Set aside time each weekend to sit back, relax, and enjoy the products you just invested in.

I hope this article brought you some inspiration of your own.

What natural beauty brands have you tried or recommend? Let me know in the comments.