My Favorite Things (+ Trends) from Anthropoligie's Spring Collection


Ahhh, Spring. I love this time of year, obviously because it's warmer out, but also because everything gets more colorful, bright, and lively again – especially when it comes to clothes. Here are some of the trends I've seen (AND LOVE) so far:

  • Burnt Orange and Polka Dots: I haven't seen one retailer so far that hasn't come out with something colored in burnt orange and white polka dots. And I LOVE it. The are just so pretty and give me so many European vibes. I picked up a skirt with this pattern and I am so excited to wear it!
  • Circle bags: So fun and delicate. Extra points if it comes in pastel colors.
  • Straw bags: These were really popular at the end of last summer, but straw bags are back and getting even more hype now. I got myself a beautiful Clare V straw bag, but I already feel the addiction driving me to buy another one.
  • Bandanas/neck scarf: I wore a Madewell bandana to work this week, and I got so many compliments – I was very flattered! And I have started to see them in a lot of stores as the season progresses. I love how versatile bandanas are – you can obviously wear them around your neck but also throw them on a purse or on your head if you are having a questionable hair day.

I have definitely started to do a lot of my spring shopping, but when Anthropologie's catalog came in the mail, I was absolutely smitten. And needed everything. And everything is super on trend! Here are some of my favorite new pieces:

Top Row:

Middle Row:

Bottom Row:

What are your favorite Anthropologie pieces? Let me know in the comments :)