A Day in San Antonio, TX

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While staying in Austin, Dillon and I decided to take a little road trip to San Antonio because why not. It's really only an hour and a half and a straight shot outside of Austin, so getting there with our rental car was a breeze. We booked a hotel for one night and we thought it was suffice.

We hit the road around 9:30 am and got there a bit before noon. We decided to make our first stop The Alamo because it's really the hallmark of San Antonio. Entrance is free, but because of this, it normally has a line. Don't be intimidated though – it moves pretty quickly – and there are lots of men in coon hats to stare at while you pass the time by.


We strolled around the Alamo grounds for a bit, took in all the history, prickly pear cactus, and reenactments that we could, and then were on our way. A lot of people had told me that I would be surprised at how small the Alamo is, but regardless, we were happy we got to see it.

It was important that we ate local BBQ in San Antonio, so we decided to walk from The Alamo down to B&D Ice House. It's surely a hole in the wall but the barbecue was amazing. We washed a pretty impressive sized platter – each – down with a Lone Star because when in Texas, right?! We ordered the Salt & Pepper Brisket as well as the Big Red Baby Back Ribs and of course had to have the Green Chile Mac N' Cheese, BBQ Beans, and Potato Salad on the side. We do NOT skimp when it comes to vacation food.


We headed back to our hotel but stopped at some of the local shops on our way back up. We stayed along the Riverwalk, which is definitely recommended. We got ready and headed out for dinner and strolling along the Riverwalk. The coolest things about the Riverwalk is the fact that you can buy a beer and drink it along the course of the walk legally. The Riverwalk stretches for what feels like a lot of contoured miles, and it's loaded with boat tours and vacation cuisine restaurants. We noticed this was definitely a family vacation destination and it was super crowded!

We grabbed dinner at a place around the Riverwalk – I really did not do my restaurant research for this leg of our trip – but the place we landed on was pretty good.

The best part of our stay in San Antonio a cocktail bar called The Brooklynite that Dillon happened to come across online. (Of course, we would find a place called The Brooklynite in the middle of San Antonio, but this bar was truly amazing.) The place had a really cool speakeasy vibe, with little sub-areas that reminded me of NYC's Dear Irving in a way more condensed setting.

They made really unique craft cocktails that I have never seen done at any other bar. My favorite was the "I Never Do This" that had tequila, grapefruit, cinnamon, lime, and mineral water served up in an adult version of a Capri Sun bottle. Dillon had one called "Big Trouble In Little China-China" that had Cocchi Torino, China China Amer, falernum, Jamaican rum, and lime served in a Chinese takeout container!

We stayed for a long time and had our fill of really awesome beverages. Luckily, we woke up nice and fresh the next morning, ate breakfast, said goodbye to San Antonio, and headed back to Austin for more New Years fun :)

Have you traveled to San Antonio? What were your favorite places to go?