My Italian Getaway Mood Board + Inspiration


The best kind of trips are the kinds planned only a month in advance, right?! Well, I hope so. Dillon found out that he had five vacation days that would expire on April 1st, so we sporadically booked a round trip ticket to Rome and quickly devised a plan for hitting Venice and Florence while we were there. It has been my dream to travel to Italy for my entire life, and I can't believe the day is almost here!

Aside from being excited for the sights and sounds of Italy – charming streets, colorful buildings, winding canals, and so so so much delicious food – I was almost equally excited to put together my clothing and accessories for the trip. Ultimately, my dream Italian aesthetic is Kate Bosworth in And While We Were Here, but she is a goddess and I am not, so instead I put together the most "me" version of who I would be in this film. For reference:



Also, my tax refund thankfully hit my bank account the week after I put together my mood board, otherwise I would have been POOR. Here's what I am excited to (hopefully) bring along!




And here are some beautiful sights I am so excited to enjoy:

What are your favorite pieces for traveling around Italy, and where should I go while I am there? Let me know in the comments!