My Holiday Home Decor


There is really nothing like the holiday season. Every year, this special kinda of magic comes over my life and I am filled with the same hope, wonder, and belief I had ever since I was a kid.

I get really into the Christmas spirit probably because my family has always kept to our traditions. Every year was the same – we took down the tree from the attic the weekend of Thanksgiving and we decorated it together – while I mostly ogled over my Barbie ornaments. My dad would get my brother and I the newest Hess truck from the store, and my mom would teach us how to roll-out sugar cookies while Andy Williams crooned in the background.

Christmas Eve was always at our house and we feasted over antipasti, baked clams, and struffoli while the Polar Express played on the TV upstairs. Christmas Day was spent at my Aunt and Uncle’s by the bay over filet mignon, stuffed mushrooms, and popcorn in a tin while we switched attention spans between coloring books, Christmas movie trivia, and trying to finally finish A Christmas Story in one sitting (some years, it was John Wayne Western’s).

I have loved and cherished and craved and missed these memories even while they were happening. And I am convinced if there was a way to bottle them up and save the feelings of joy that these two days bring me each year, I would have already found a way. And now I am making myself cry while writing this.

I know our tiny apartment feels a far ways away from North Jersey and the Jersey Shore, but somehow decorating, and over-watching Christmas movies, and going through the motions bring back these memories and keep them alive. It’s the most perfect way for me to feel like the past, and the present, and the future all know each other well – even when the locations are different, and some people you love are no longer there, and you find even you, yourself, have changed a little, too.

So I drag a tree home from the tree lot, and I play my Merry Merry playlist, and I watch The Santa Clause five times, and I let myself feel, for a couple weeks, like I’m waking up every day and it’s Christmas morning. And it makes me really, really happy.

My Holiday Home Decor


Living Room:

Candles: Anthropologie, Candelle’s

Pillows: Home Goods

White Throw: Nordstrom

Tartan throw: Home Goods

Tree skirt: IKEA

Deer Accents: Target

Faux Greenery: Target

Bottle Brush Trees: Target

Village Houses: Target

String Fairy lights: Urban Outfitters

Napkins: Home Goods

Placemat: Home Goods

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