My Bright and Boho Minimalist Bedroom (+ Shop the Look)


When we moved into our new apartment, I knew I wanted the bedroom to feel like a bright and relaxing retreat while still including some boho elements that I love. Our bedroom is pretty tiny, so the lack of space forces us to be mindful and minimalist about what we put into it, leading to virtually no excess – a real oasis from life's everyday clutter.

I tried very hard to not overthink what goes into this room. There is not much on the walls – which are a shade of white. There are no mounds of excessive throw pillows – there's no where to store them anyway. The furniture is either white or earth toned – the sun shining in the window is the real star of the space.

My favorite pieces are definitely the bed frame and nightstand that bring a pop of personality into what could have been a very plain space. I love having eucalyptus, a candle, and a crystal or two on the nightstand, which further bring some calm into the bedroom. I do try to add some pops of color where I see fit – see: my pretty things on the dresser and pastel book bindings – but even with the color, the room still feels very zen.

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