About City + Shells

Hi! I'm Ariel, the gal behind City + Shells.

I've always identified with having a split-life – I'm an urban mermaid if you will – spending weekdays in bustling Brooklyn and lazy weekends at the Jersey shore. My love for both places, and my inability to quit either, is incorporated into my everyday style, both in my lifestyle and personal style.

Identifying my unique beach-meets-the-city-style helped me to define who I am and how I wanted people to see me. My goal for City + Shells is to give my readers the tools to do the same in their own lives.

I want my readers to find inspiration and confidence to define their own individuality in life through approachable advice and achievable guides. After all – life, both at home and on the go, should never feel unattainable.

Thank you for reading my blog!